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Family law matters are complicated and emotionally trying. Over time, people can change or discover they are no longer compatible; when this happens, they often seek a legal solution. With more than 34 years of proven advocacy, the team at Penna Coker A Family Law Firm APLC, A Family Law Firm, has worked on thousands of cases to help clients find the life they want. Your satisfaction is our top priority because we know the outcome of your case has a direct and profound impact on your future. Call us today and schedule a complimentary consultation with our firm to learn more about pursuing your case.

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Our Areas of Practice

If divorce were only about going to court and charting out what is fair, no one would need a lawyer. Unfortunately, the process is much more complex. Penna Coker A Family Law Firm APLC can help you assess your situation and make the best use of the legal options available to you. We seek not to make decisions for you, but to help you have the confidence to choose the best solution for the life you want.

In addition to divorce litigation and mediation, our firm can offer you guidance and legal representation for matters related to paternity, child support, child custody, domestic violence, adoption, and guardianship.

Experience Is the Difference

When you choose Penna Coker A Family Law Firm APLC, you hire a team with decades of experience handling cases exclusively within the realm of family law. This extensive and focused experience helps us know instinctively which resources to utilize to achieve the best outcome for your situation. Divorce and family law matters tend to make people feel like they are alone, but that is not the case.

You do not have to sort out your divorce on your own. Call our firm today and learn more about what options you have when it comes to finding the right answer for your life.

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When We Make the Case for Our Clients, They Make the Case For Us
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  • Over 34 Years of Experience Exclusively in Family Law

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